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▶ gee [flags] [file1] [file2] ...


▶ ~/go/bin/gee -h (if you install from source)
▶ gee -h
Usage: ./gee [flags] [file1] [file2] ...
(If you do not specify a file, only stdout is output)

        Append mode for files
  -chunked int
        Chuked files from line (e.g output / output_1 / output_2)
        Show debug message!
        Distribution to files
  -find string
        Find string in line (colorize red)
  -format string
        Change output format (json, md-table, html-table) (default "line")
  -grep string
        Greping with Regular Expression (like grep)
  -grepv string
        Inverse greping with Regular Expression (like grep -v)
  -inject string
        Inject stdin into the format of the factor value (e.g: -inject='This is %%INJECT%% line!')
  -prefix string
        Prefix string
  -replace string
        Replace string in line with '-find' option
        Reverse string in line
        Remove newline(\r\n)
  -split string
        Split string within line. (to line , to table, to md-table)
  -suffix string
        Suffix string
        Uncolorize stdout
        Remove duplicated line
        Version of gee
        With letters count (colorize magenta)
        With line number (colorize blue)
        With timestamp (colorize green)

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